I Support a strong foreign policy that trumpets “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH” with American leadership at the helm. I am fairly certain I am the only candidate that has walked the sand and dirt in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya all in first hand support of American foreign policy as it is carried out in the region. I have a keen in-depth knowledge of our country’s strategic and tactical operations in our on-going fight in the Global War on Terrorism. Members of Congress need experience and knowledge in foreign policy, national defense and homeland security. I believe my credentials in this area far and away exceed that of other candidates for this office. 

My specific proposals to ensure domestic security and win the Global War on Terror are as follows:

(1)     Re-affirm America’s support for our only REAL ALLY in the Middle East: Israel. Mr. Obama has weakened and damaged U.S. foreign policy in the region and around the world. There is no more important/faithful strategic partner in the Middle East than Israel.

(2)     Name the threat: eliminate Obama’s pre-occupation with offending anyone all in the name of political correctness. Radical Islam is the main sponsor of global terrorism. Any terror threat no-matter the name or brand is our enemy-PERIOD. Terrorists must be killed if they intend to project violence upon our people and our friends. Attacks upon our people, our country and our interests shall not be tolerated at any time, at any place. We will bear any price and any burden to ensure our liberty and freedom the world over.

(3)     Fund an “all-in” approach based on subject matter expert advice on how to best secure our nation’s borders. Border security is an enumerated responsibility of the federal government as a subset to “provide for the common defense”. Walls, fences, electronic systems, drones, border patrols etc. – every technological and human asset should be deployed smartly to ensure effective border security- PERIOD.

(4)     Ingress and egress into our country by any number of programs need a bottom-up review. Best practices, sharing of intelligence and continuous improvement must drive innovations in homeland security, immigration, visa issuances etc. If our government cannot safely and efficiently screen people travelling into our country then more severe measures should be contemplated until this burden returns to a manageable level. Imbedded terror threats are an ever-present danger to our citizens. We must only facilitate entry and exit that can be properly vetted. 

(5)     Reduce our national debt, strengthen our economy and stop hindering domestic energy development so that we can operate from a position of military strength, economic strength and energy independence. The former Soviet Union-Russia’s economy is essentially three dimensional: it runs on gas/oil revenue, vodka sales and arms exports. Mr. Putin failed to diversify his country’s economy during the boom oil years. A strong American economy coupled with our ability to not import oil and possibly export petroleum product puts us in a very strong position that he cannot afford to match. Peace through strength depends on a strong American economy as well as a first rate well-funded military.

(6)     Restore military readiness where it has been compromised and maintain high standards of readiness elsewhere. Let the branches of our military have more say in procurement decisions so we don’t end up buying poor weapon systems just because it is built in some member of congress’ district: re-form procurement award and decision-making so the taxpayer gets the most “bang for the buck”. Enhance intelligence gathering capabilities within the bounds of the constitution for maximum benefit.

(7)     Stop the invasion of “Political Correctness” within our defense-military establishment. All agencies should follow the constitution and the law. However, military commanders are paid to fight and win wars on behalf of America and her interests. The military branches of service are not to be experiments in social policy. Get politics out of war-fighting decision-making. No policy should ever reduce military readiness or our military’s ability to fight and win wars. ROE (rules of engagement) should not limit but rather enhance strategies we have in place to fight Radical Islam, Jihadists or any generic terrorist or military threat.

(8)     Fortify our nation’s electrical transmission grid system; this is a vulnerable system that if attacked or damaged through natural causes could bring the country to a halt. You cannot engage in commerce almost anywhere without electricity. This is a sleeper threat to our nation’s security and our economy that currently receives little or no attention due to current events. Government and industry must partner to address this weakness.

(9)     Partner with private industry to develop better “cyber-security” to protect American industry, consumers and financial transactions/banks-centers of monetary exchange.

(10)   IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL: pass legislation that counter-acts the President’s wanton, reckless disregard for good judgment in his approving of this agreement. Elect a republican president to cancel the deal. Monitor and take all prudent steps necessary to prevent Iran’s ability to acquire a nuclear weapon-PERIOD. Most likely re-instate economic sanctions and defund any of the administration’s attempts to participate in this agreement or any agreement similar to it in the future.

(11)   Pass a National Right to Carry Law: America’s collective security would be greatly enhanced if congress passed a national right to carry law. A Republican President would likely sign it.

(12)   IRAQ: Re-stabilize Iraq by increasing bombing efforts of any and all targets of opportunity with relentless frequency and ferocity. Partner with verifiable loyal-to- America indigenous forces (some specific Kurd-Iraqi factions etc.) to prosecute a ground campaign to re-take the country, re-establish its borders and eradicate the ISIL/ISIS threat from within Iraq. This must be a U.S. military effort that partners with Iraqi forces and willing coalition countries sympathetic to the mission. All branches of military service should have roles in prosecuting this campaign. I estimate the minimum number of American ground troops necessary to be at least 10,000. Consultation with the Pentagon of course is most appropriate as they already have a plan ready to go. A Diplomatic/political solution will follow after the military re-takes the land- more on that later.

(13)   SYRIA: President Obama’s gross failure here has created a hornet’s nest of a complex problem. Chief outcomes to avoid are: a proxy war with Russia/Putin, expansion of ISIL/ISIS to other weak and/or failing states in the region, a Holy War declaration by all of Islam on America and/or the West or all non-Islamic countries. There are few good options, however I advocate the following:

-Establish NO-FLY ZONES

-Work with Turkey on common interests in the conflict.

-Communicate clearly either via “back-door” channels or by other means to Mr. Putin emphatically are objectives and de-conflict those campaigns- air or ground from Russian military       engagement.

-Fortify existing refugee camps and provide air and ground/humanitarian support to facilitate safe and orderly operations. The more refugees we can keep at home in their own country the better.

-Continue to arm “rebel forces” that we backed in the beginning of this conflict as they struggle against Assad unless our strategic interests dictate otherwise. Consult with subject matter experts at State and the Pentagon. This puts pressure on Assad’s regime and Russia.

-Execute airstrikes and Special Forces campaigns against any target of opportunity in Syria that poses risks to security in the region as necessary. This means attacking ISIS/ISIL, Al-QAEDA or any other terrorist cell/threat we deem appropriate.

-I do not support deployment at this time of any large contingent of American ground fighting forces due to the extremely un-stable situation in Syria and the risks of involving American troops in a ground proxy war with Russia.

(14)   Support measures that restrict the flow of money to entities & countries that sympathize with known or suspected terrorist groups. Cut foreign aid significantly (by perhaps 35%) and ensure U.S. foreign aid money does not go to countries who are marginal allies or adversaries of the United States.

(15)   DIPLOMATIC/POLITICAL EFFORTS: Military operations can only stabilize the regions discussed in this paper. Long term stability and peace depends on political solutions that rest with the stakeholders in the region. The conflict within Islam (Sunni-Shia) is caustic and bitter to the same level as Arab vs Israeli. Currently Saudi Arabia appears to trying to start efforts to contrive some kind of dialogue in the region and Obama’s administration has been somewhat active in this area as well. Players have been identified that can begin the kinds of conversations needed to bring a potential political solution to Iraq. As far as Syria is concerned, since Russia is involved it is unsavory but likely Russia will be a necessary player in any peaceable end to hostilities in that broken state.

The culture of “Radical Islam” is not accepting of western ideas nor is it compatible with American values promoting self-determination, freedom of expression/religion and representative government to name just a few. These principles by definition threaten the religious authority and cultural governance of Islamic societies; hence America is- more often than not- by definition viewed as a direct adversary to the world of Islam. In direct contrast to our country the culture of Islam makes no separation between culture, religion and government. We know peace comes through strength. We know America is truly the world’s only superpower for now and by default history reinforces that America must lead. The world expects us to and when we do we help ensure order and guard against disorder; we see other nations more willing to risk their own resources to solve regional problems. We know there will be mistakes and as in any leadership position we fully expect criticism from many and praise from few. At the end of the day– just as in the immediate moments following the attacks of 9-11 Americans understand that often times we are alone and unpopular with many forces in the world. The price of freedom is high but we have stated it is a price we are willing to pay. The world must know our strength comes not from only military might but from our national treasure of diverse people- that all lives matter- that Americans will lead and not faint and that we, for all our faults, will continue to move the bar forward for all people that seek and love freedom.[4]

“Of the people, By the people & For the people”
Kevin F. White, Lt Col USAF Ret. (Republican)
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