“EmpowerU”  surveys  Ohio’s 8th Congressional District Candidates:

I propose streamlining the Executive Branch by consolidating 15 cabinet level departments down to 10. This proposal is in response to a survey question.

1.)      Federal Dept. or agencies needing elimination: first as you know there are 15 cabinet level departments. No effort to eliminate a cabinet department has been successful heretofore. President Ronald Reagan’s attempt to reduce the size of government is the most recent serious attempt to do so but failed; therefore, it is my assessment that elimination of cabinet departments while a worthy goal is not a probable outcome. Notwithstanding I propose consolidation from 15 federal cabinet departments to 10:

1.) State

2.) Treasury

3.) (Defense & Vet. Affairs)

4.) Justice

5.) (Interior & Agriculture)

6.) (Commerce & Labor)

7.) (HHS & Education)

8.) (Transportation & Energy)

9.) Homeland Security

10.) Housing & Urban Development

The departments in bold-italics would be combined & consolidated; if we could achieve more I would be an advocate. I would support elimination of redundant programs and a cut of administrative staffing by at least 33% most of which could be achieved through natural attrition. This all starts with my proposed 1% across the board cut in federal spending (approximately 35 billion dollars) followed by an additional 2 year freeze in federal spending. Chances are audits/reports both private and public have hard data available now for the Congress & the Executive to reference should government seriously decide to seek efficiencies and cost savings. Continuous improvement driving cost-savings and greater efficiencies are needed now; I am committed to reducing the size, scope and wasteful-redundant spending that so often typifies Washington D.C. Buckeye voters know that business as usual is no way to run a business at all; we can and must do better. Let’s restore confidence in our people by making government a worthy steward of taxpayer monies. Big problems require bold leadership; I stand for a return to limited government “Of the People, By the People & For the People”


“Of the people, By the people & For the people”
Kevin F. White, Lt Col USAF Ret. (Republican)
People for Kevin F. White
1833 N. Dayton-Lakeview Rd.
New Carlisle, OH 45344
(937) 679-8020