Beyond Mr. Trumps’ bombastic rhetoric (and I do not share his point-of-view on a complete ban of Muslims coming to the USA at this time nor on whole-scale deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants- roughly the population of Ohio) I would pose this question: who is and has been the greater threat to America, her values-heritage, her security and her future…Mr. Trump or Mr. Obama? The answer is clear: Mr. Obama!

This ISIS problem and all the chaos in the Middle East can squarely be attributed to Mr. Obama’s reckless abandonment of a strong U.S. led foreign policy strategy in the region. He lectures his countrymen with intellectual arrogance on how we as a country must change to fit his non-reality based world-view. He has apologized for America on the world stage. He is more concerned about gun control and not offending people of the Muslim faith than speaking the truth. He is about optics and image; his policies are without substance– this is his reality and it translates into BAD POLICY FOR THE USA…he, his world-view and those like him pose a grave threat to the American people and America’s future in the world. This is not the “Hope & Change” people expected. Further, there are millions of Americans that can’t wait to rid the country of this disaster of a President…I am one of those people.

People respond to Trump because they are desperate for REAL LEADERSHIP! All of us are flawed in some capacity and Trump’s mouth is often one of his best assets, as well as, one of his greatest liabilities. But, do I think Mr. Trump’s rantings are un-American, are they irrational? They may appear that way but I ask you…whose language and more importantly whose actions/policies are MORE IRRATIONAL…Mr. Obama’s or Mr. Trump’s? This President has weakened this nation economically, militarily and he has done more damage to race relations than any other force political or otherwise in my lifetime.

Not to minimize Mr. Trump’s controversial and sometimes mis-guided remarks as they are very often wrong-minded and inflammatory, the point to be made is this: Hillary (Obama version-2) and her left-wing policies are the real threat to America’s security and America’s future. For the Obama White House spokesperson to chide Mr. Trump so far as to state that he is un-worthy and un-fit to assume command of the oval office due to his rhetoric is perhaps more outrageous than many of Trump’s mis-guided rantings themselves.

Surely any Republican candidate for President of the United States can improve upon the current office-holder’s impotent and pathetic performance to date. This President and his under-achieving staff have no business and absolutely zero credibility in lecturing any American’s competence/qualifications to serve as President of the United States. That is one reason former President Jimmy Carter is so grateful for the Obama White House. There is a new low, a new astounding level of substandard performance against which nearly any succeeding or past occupant of the White House should compare nicely. Trump is due scrutiny and he should be challenged and held accountable but this administration certainly is not qualified to do so. You can take that to the bank!

“Of the people, By the people & For the people”
Kevin F. White, Lt Col USAF Ret. (Republican)
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