15 OCT 2015: Kevin F. White (R), candidate for the 8th OH congressional district chimes in on OH-ISSUE 3. (OPINION)


Folks, “OH-ISSUE 3” is a real bad deal for our state. As a citizen of Ohio I am compelled to speak out strongly AGAINST this ballot initiative. I have never used marijuana so I cannot identify with seekers of recreation assisted by the effects of “POT”. That being said I do have direct experience with the after effects of policies like “OH-ISSUE 3”. As a military officer and commercial airline pilot the rules for sobriety are very strict as one should expect. There is no room for error in this profession; obviously drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited while performing duties. In fact any DOT licensed profession as well as professions requiring the use of light, medium and heavy machinery are all subject to similar oversight. Periodic use of marijuana by Ohio’s workers puts the greater good of society at risk; it creates excessive burdens on law enforcement agencies while presenting yet additional new threats to officers performing their daily duties.


As a former resident of Colorado (and I have two kids still living there) I can say that the Colorado “experiment” (the legalization of marijuana) has been and continues to be a negative on the citizens of the state. Among a laundry list of consequences to name just a few:

– Colorado’s marijuana trade is almost a completely cash business; commerce associated with the drug presents conflicts for banks due to potential non-compliance with federal banking laws & regulations (pay with cash only or similar and marijuana businesses usually cannot have business banking accounts for related commerce).

– The state has seen an influx of non-productive members of society migrating to Colorado. In fact while I was in Houston, TX watching local news last August the station ran a story highlighting how Colorado’s new “POT” law was a positive for Houston as the city had seen a significant exodus of, what they characterized as, “undesirables”—Colorado’s “POT” was the draw and that is where most went.

– Certain high profile crimes in Colorado directly attributed to legal marijuana use were reported shortly after new “WEED” stations opened.

– Conflicts between federal and state properties: you cannot possess “POT” (in any form) on federal properties within the state of Colorado.

– The non-sanctioned marijuana trade sector has actually grown and prospered at rapid rates; drug traffickers claim marijuana legalization has helped their businesses significantly (mostly due to cost advantages).

– Many public outdoor venues are impacted by the heavy odor of marijuana smokers; that is not good for communities.


The governor, a democrat, publicly stated his concern that passage of the issue could damage the state’s ability to attract new business and companies since the measure would certainly present additional challenges to young people and families. If Colorado and another state were “tied” in efforts to lure a new company then his concern was that marijuana could handicap Colorado’s bid to attract the new company and new jobs; it would be a difference-maker incentivizing the new company to pick the other state over Colorado.


Now, yes marijuana will increase tax revenues if it can be legally traded in Ohio but what are the hidden costs? This is a bad deal and the whole monopoly part of the provision corrodes it even more. Don’t be hoodwinked into approval as collectively we most certainly will regret that decision.


Lastly as far as “OH issue 2” is concerned I completely understand the legislature’s concerns that motivated its authorship; namely that it most probably would operationally stop implementation of “OH issue 3”. I too would like “OH issue 3” to go away but this tactic I believe (I am still contemplating) may have un-intended consequences that go beyond this intent. So, simply put: I will definitely vote AGAINST “OH ISSUE 3 but have yet to decide where I stand on “OH issue 2”. Ideally issue 2 would never be necessary, however, it very well could be a last line of defense for opponents against “OH issue 3”; no matter the outcome attorneys will be busy!

Please exercise your constitutional right to VOTE!




Kevin F. White, Candidate for U.S. Congress OH Dist. 8

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