Today, I am officially announcing my opposition to any attempts to expand either directly or indirectly special visa programs H-2B’s. These programs allow companies to hire foreign workers for unskilled labor positions.

“Chabot’s bill, called the Season Act, introduced earlier this month, would allow American companies to exceed the current 66,000 person cap set by Congress on the number of foreign workers they can bring into the country each year using special temporary visas, called H2Bs. The measure, also backed by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va. and two other GOP lawmakers, would not officially lift the current limit. But it would adjust the way seasonal workers are calculated under the H2B cap, so that returning workers who received a visa in any of the three prior years would not be counted against the 66,000 worker annual maximum.” [1]

This bill along with others like it does not make sense from two main points-of-view.  First, the timing is poor for any effort to increase the number of foreign workers coming into the United States beyond what provisions are current and in place. We face an imbedded terrorist threat within our current immigration and guest worker programs that already stress our vetting capabilities beyond our capacity. The security of our people comes first and until we can stabilize any and all programs directly facilitating foreigners entering our country no matter the cause, programs such as this proposed legislation should be tabled.

Second, while it may be a challenge to get Americans to work in landscaping jobs, hotel service, housekeeping and other so-called seasonal jobs we do have people out there and more energy needs to be applied to employing our own people. Teenagers, college students, semi-retired folks are out there and some have difficulty finding work. I am skeptical that labor data supports that this program is truly necessary and that the need is critical and widespread. I could be wrong but notwithstanding I believe more effort should be applied towards getting our own citizens employed. Of course this means welfare reform should be part of this conversation for long term success but in the interim I am not convinced that we need more foreign workers while our own labor force is under-employed and in many cases unemployed.

Yes, it may be necessary to raise wages in order to attract more interest. That is part of the market system. Appealing to the government to expand foreign worker programs is just not a smart move at this juncture. While I respect the voting record of many of the Republican lawmakers referenced in the “USA TODAY” article cited above I cannot support this legislation on principle. Please visit my website to learn more at ( Thanks for listening and have a blessed day.


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[1] USA TODAY “Chabot seeks more unskilled foreign workers” (Read or Share this story: