16 OCT 2015:  Kevin F. White (R), candidate for the 8th OH congressional district chimes in on FEDERAL TAXES & SPENDING (OPINION)

Folks, today the “Final Monthly Treasury Statement through 30 Sept 2015” reveals all-time record high receipts of 3.25 TRILLION dollars to date! Yet that is not enough. The federal government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. As if to tell you $3.25 trillion is not enough- I say very simply, if you cannot be a good, responsible steward of our money, then by God WE SHALL IN NO WAY GIVE YOU ANYMORE!  I am not going to solve the country’s spending and tax law problems in this brief statement, but you will get the idea.  Please visit my website at www.kevinwhiteforcongress.com for more detail.

Federal Spending needs to be cut through reforms and streamlining: efficiencies can be found in entitlement spending, eliminating redundant programs and possible spending freezes for starters. Everything should be on the table and “best-practice” techniques should trump “pork” and political pandering. Our first thought should NOT be to cut DOD dollars as that is “window-dressing”—an easy target but not a cure for this addictive spending problem. I am not suggesting that DOD is perfect in its use of funds, but it stands as the world’s most elite organization at performing its function and a strong national defense is essential.

Social Security should be truly liberated from the general federal budget accounting system and treated as an autonomous program; promises made shall be promises kept. Social Security solvency concerns should be addressed within that framework.  Most importantly, the federal government should not be allowed to borrow monies from this fund nor reflect trust fund deposits as assets against federal debt and spending.

Medicare/OBAMACARE: I realize Republicans like to hear candidates trumpet that, “they will stand to repeal OBAMACARE, period”.  It is a mess, and we all know it; therein lies the motivation for full repeal. Notwithstanding the balance of power in Washington and the programs affected, full repeal is not likely. Rather, my approach is incremental change to the health care law that includes increased competition from carriers within the health insurance marketplace and more consumer choice. Market choice and competition can drive down costs and deliver efficiencies. Small victories, step-by-step can capture most of the agenda sought by a full repeal.  However, if a vote to repeal OBOMACARE is presented, it would have my support as long as it was not “polluted with other earmarks” that cut against my principles.

Federal Tax law needs to be simplified so that the common person can easily prepare their taxes!  Further, the AMT (alternative minimum tax) needs to be repealed or at least radically changed. It was instituted to caputre only the very wealthy (19,000 people or so in 1970); it now captures people with families, home mortgages, capital gains and/or high state/local taxes. Tax rates need to be cut not just for individuals but also for corporations.  This includes deploying an innovative approach to incentivize corporations to bring money and jobs back to America- manufacturing jobs in particular. Even modest reforms enacted now will deliver big results for our workers, job creators and our economy in general. Restrain the reach of government and you will unleash the power of our people. That is how you make America great again.

To accomplish big things, you need to send somebody who can think big and has the tools to translate these ideas into real, live policies. I have the right stuff and the tenacity for the job, but I NEED YOUR HELP. Elect a different kind of candidate; give the combat veteran a chance to take the FIGHT to Washington FOR YOU, the people of southwest Ohio! I will be HONORED to carry the torch on your behalf!



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