There are two responsible parties for the United States having 11 million or so illegal residents (roughly equal to the entire population of Ohio). The federal government is at fault for not enforcing immigration laws and for not securing the border. The perpetrator is at fault because he or she chose to violate the law and trespass and reside in the United States illegally. We are a nation of laws and the executive is constitutionally charged with enforcing the law. I propose the following initiatives/corrective actions:

1.) Secure the border via any and all means available now.

2.) Mandate full-enforcement of current immigration law.

3.) No persons enter the nation unless & until they are properly vetted.

4.) Countries that passively or actively encourage illegal entry of their citizens or their non-residents into our country would be sanctioned economically.

5.) Immediate deportation of all illegal residents out of our country that have known criminal records.

6.) Any so-called “sanctuary-city” would be punished and or penalized to the fullest extent allowable under federal law to include withholding certain federal funding.

7.) Self-deportation would be encouraged for all persons living here illegally.

8.) Illegals that fail to self-deport would be pursued and deported.

9.) Review & Streamline immigration programs to enhance processing of persons that apply legally for U.S. citizenship.

10.) ONE TIME REMEDIATION: Illegals residing in the USA before 2001 would have a ONE-TIME special option to pay a substantial fine and apply for legal citizenship under an immigration remediation program facilitated by the federal government. These persons would have to register and apply for this program or otherwise face deportation. The fine could be set at $5000.00 per persons 18 years or older at the time of application with a family cap of $15000.00 in the case of minor children. This would be a temporary program finite in scope with a set expiration of 2yrs from date of program implementation. Any and all persons not processed within the special 2yr remediation period would be subject to immediate deportation under law; no exceptions. Naturalization protocols would be followed and English language proficiency would be required. At the end of 2yrs this program would be discontinued, all provisions rescinded.

The problem was caused by two entities and due to the enormous numbers of people affected a solution that involves both offending parties is both reasonable and responsible. Never again can we allow our government to look the other way for any reason and create another illegal residency problem on our land. The gross negligence of our leaders in government, their failure to execute the duties of their office enabled and encouraged this massive problem to develop for years. Anybody that says we will simply deport 11+ million persons out of our country and offers this as the solution and nothing more is pandering.

“Of the people, By the people & For the people”
Kevin F. White, Lt Col USAF Ret. (Republican)
People for Kevin F. White
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New Carlisle, OH 45344
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