Great day yesterday with Clark County’s finest as I visited and rode along with deputies on 3rd and 1st shift of the Clark County Sheriff’s office. Many thanks to Mark, Ethan and the entire force for their hospitality as it was a great honor to be with them. Our men and women serving in law enforcement on our collective behalf need our support as well as the support of our elected officials at every level of government.

This President’s rhetoric has eroded the trust within and for law enforcement agencies all across the land. That trend needs immediate repair and reversed so that peace officers in America know they have society’s un-wavering support & trust.

It is essential that officers on patrol know with complete confidence, beyond any doubt, that their chain-of-command and their community have their backs. The dynamics of their job require split-second decision making sometimes under very stressful conditions. As these men and women put themselves on the front lines of society often at great personal risk and in harm’s way they should not be second guessing mentally “what-if” scenarios brought on by doubt injected into their workplace by this President’s unwise actions and sensationalized rhetoric in recent times nor by certain high profile police mis-steps highlighted in the media.

Whenever and wherever there is wrongdoing no matter the source justice should prevail and victims defended; however, to amplify the actions of a few such that the majority finds itself shrouded in a cloud of doubt and mistrust is unwise not only for the community of peace officers across the land but also for society as a whole.

Here in Clark county Ohio we are blessed to have great men and women of integrity leading by example on how to do this tough job with class, professionalism and fidelity. Remember to thank a cop, firefighter, veteran and any first responder you see this holiday season. Chances are they are working so the rest of us can enjoy the season with loved ones safely. God bless America’s first responders, veterans and their families this holiday season both here on our shores and abroad. Thank you for your service from a grateful nation.

“Of the people, By the people & For the people”
Kevin F. White, Lt Col USAF Ret. (Republican)
People for Kevin F. White
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New Carlisle, OH 45344
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