24 OCT 2015: Kevin F. White (R), candidate for the 8th OH congressional district chimes in on OH-ISSUE 2.


Folks, I recently authored an opinion on Ohio issue 3 wherein I made the following remarks…

“Lastly as far as “OH ISSUE 2” is concerned I completely understand the legislature’s concerns that motivated its authorship; namely that it most probably would operationally stop implementation of “OH ISSUE 3”. I too would like “OH ISSUE 3” to go away but this tactic I believe (I am still contemplating) may have un-intended consequences that go beyond this intent. So, simply put: I will definitely vote AGAINST “OH ISSUE 3” but have yet to decide where I stand on “OH ISSUE 2”. Ideally issue 2 would never be necessary, however, it very well could be a last line of defense for opponents against “OH issue 3”; no matter the outcome attorneys will be busy!” 

Today I am releasing my decision as a citizen of Ohio to vote FOR OH ISSUE 2Here’s how I see these two ballot issues. I am against legalization of marijuana for recreational use, period-dot-end of story. Some of my objections are delineated in the OH issue 3 opinion piece.

Second, the whole “monopoly thing” should be a red flag to even the most casual observer. There is big money involved and those with that money stand to gain a lot more from you and me if we allow OH issue 3 to pass. Even if you, the reader, are in favor of legalization of POT for recreational use- you should be wary of OH issue 3 for one simple reason: it is not a clean simple ballot proposal that legalizes POT. Instead it favors a small group of 10 growers/property sellers that have investors who have agreed to donate $2 million each to the campaign. This is a direct attempt to use the state’s constitution to sanction these 10 privately held enterprises and afford exclusivity to this market. That is a bad deal for Buckeye voters. Now, let’s look at OH issue 2. What does OH issue 2 say (paraphrase)?

“…Prohibit any petitioner from using the Ohio Constitution to grant a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel for their exclusive financial benefit or to establish a preferential tax status and it prohibits any petitioner from using the Ohio Constitution to grant a commercial interest, right, or license that is not available to similarly situated persons or nonpublic entities…. (http://ballotpedia.org/Ohio_Initiated_Monopolies_Amendment,_Issue_2_(2015)[1]” 

Simply put this ballot issue prohibits the structure of OH issue 3 and future Ohio ballot initiatives that may attempt similar exclusive protections like monopolies, etc. It sanctions a bipartisan board to review any future similar ballot provisions for compliance with the law and prescribes procedures for passage/ratification. Here are the two main points to consider as a voter.  Point one is we can likely conclude that OH issue 2 will stop OH issue 3 from becoming law until and unless litigation forces the courts to render judgment to the contrary (assuming both ballot provisions pass). This is a concrete consequence that is predicted based on the language in OH issue 2. The second point is a concern for potential un-intended consequences that could restrict the power of Ohio citizens to pursue future changes to Ohio’s constitution via state-wide ballot initiatives. This is a concern for what some think could happen and is by no means- at this point in time- a proven consequence. The remedy should it unfold this way, is to repeal OH issue 2 via some future ballot initiative. We still have the power and I believe the concrete consequences of not passing OH issue 2 far outweigh any potential intangible consequence that may or may not ever happen. People never make sound decisions out of fear and fear is what opponents to OH issue 2 are using to persuade folks to vote against it. We, the people of this state, will decide but fear need not drive our decision. I am confident Buckeye voters will choose wisely! VOTE NO ON 3 AND VOTE YES ON 2… in any case please exercise your constitutional right to VOTE!



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[1]BALLOTPEDIA: “Ohio Initiated Monopolies Amendment, Issue 2 (2015)” accessed 24 October 2015