Second Amendment:  I support laws that protect and enhance American’s rights to bear arms for sport and self-defense. That means among other things I will resist efforts to place greater bureaucratic regulations on law abiding citizens as this just frustrates the legal gun owner and has no impact whatsoever on criminals or crime rates.

Criminals don’t care about gun control laws or any other law for that matter. History shows us clearly gun control laws don’t make us safe; if anything they do the opposite. Unarmed citizens and folks in gun-free zones are perfect “soft targets” for terrorists, criminals and nut-jobs; current events keep affirming this vulnerability. The bad guys will think twice if they know their potential victims are armed and have an ability to fight back. That is deterrence to the criminal, something gun laws are unable to affect.

Gun ownership is a fundamentally American right originally intended to help the common citizen defend his land, his livelihood and his uniquely American-freedoms from would-be threats not the least of which could one day be a tyrannical government, or a foreign power. This is all an extension of the balance of power that exists between the governed and the government.

Yes, Obama and Hillary will play to their base on this; they are more socialistic than democratic in world view. They are about “Form” and not “Substance”–it’s optics and image that matter as they champion the socialistic-progressive agenda. They wish to “Re-make” America. As intellectuals they tower above us backward folks that hang onto our Bibles and guns. Their speeches are condescending and arrogant as if the time for guns has passed. Certainly by now we have evolved beyond this barbaric need to actually carry a fire-arm, after-all this is not 1900 in the transitioning American West.

When Hillary was visiting the sandbox she never went anywhere without the battle-tested Vietnam veteran Jon McCain by her side and plenty of armed soldiers and airmen; I know- my squadron flew these folks all over the theater. Funny, Chicago’s “gun-free zone” murder rate at that time was higher than Iraq’s?

The sound of Freedom rings true because you and I live in America- land of the free and home of the brave. Marksmanship and being able to defend yourself, in some ways, could be more important in 2015 than in 1815 and don’t you forget it. Responsible gun-owning Americans are the keepers of freedom. I and my wife have our “CCW” and I am a lifelong member of the NRA. God Bless and thanks for listening.