The Economy and Jobs in Southwest Ohio.

Firstly, society should not look to government to drive job creation. The private sector creates jobs and government policy can only impact (positively or negatively) private sector job creation. The current Obama administration stands for government expansion; Clinton will do the same, if elected. Republicans should always champion growing the economy via the private sector. Whatever government can do the private sector can usually do better because the private sector has success as its inherent motivator. Everyday decisions can mean life or death for a company. There is little to no systemic discipline in the government sector that can drive efficiencies that compares favorably to how the free market rewards and penalizes risk-takers engaged in private enterprise. Government’s overreach, deficit spending, high taxes and its sheer immensity must all be reversed at the macro-level in order to jumpstart and maintain consumer confidence and grow our economy. I am committed to reforming government policies and real reductions in the size and scope of the federal government. Some specifics are as follows:

(1) Cut capital gains tax rates across the board and cap the rate for all taxpayers who earn dividends on investments in American companies at 15%.

(2) Extend federal incentive programs like “Federal Empowerment Zones and “Enterprise Zones” to catalyze urban re-development.

(3) Incentivize “Insourcing” in America and offer programs to attract companies and business investment to the United States as well as programs to keep companies here

(4) Affordable Care Act (OBAMA-CARE): two-tracked strategy on this disaster of a law. First support congressional efforts for a “Full Repeal”. Second, simultaneously advocate for strong tax and regulatory reforms to the law to bring immediate relief to our taxpayers, families and businesses.

(5) Support and advocate for a “Balanced Budget Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution- requiring the federal government to operate under the limits of a balanced budget.

(6) Support efforts to require independent periodic audits of the Federal Reserve to enhance checks and balance/accountability.

(7) Support repeal of the “Dodd-Frank Act” and banking regulatory reforms to allow local and regional banks to engage in local commerce more freely and efficiently.

(8) Reduce the role of government in the home loan business.

(9) Return education and vocational educational loan making to the private sector so that we can better invest in students and degrees that the economy and businesses demand. Offer grants to students who choose fields of study that are in high demand and have them agree to use their taxpayer subsidized educations in America for a minimum of 5 years.

(10) Fund infrastructure: roads, bridges, ports and air traffic control systems/airports at responsible levels. Insist on innovative approaches to require “best-practice” strategies so that projects do not become wasteful. Ensure accountability; cut construction, EPA and permit regulatory bottle-necks.

(11) Expand international trade agreements that make sense. Support fair trade and hold bad-actor countries accountable when agreements are abrogated. Enforce the agreements in place or withdrawal.

(12) Re-vamp and streamline job training and job-education programs. Nine federal agencies currently run 47 retraining programs at a total cost of $18 billion annually with dismal results. [2] We can do better; efficiencies can be found.

(13) Continue to drive reforms in the federal government’s role in education. This should be the purview of states and municipalities.

(14) Oppose laws that seek to increase the numbers of un-skilled foreign workers coming into our state & country. Put more of our own folks to work by demanding welfare reforms that eliminate waste and lead and motivate people to find jobs.

(15) Energy: Reward companies that invest in American energy and help develop energy here at home with tax and investment incentives.

(16) Cut foreign aid (2016 is estimated at 36 billion dollars) by a significant amount- perhaps 35%. Stop sending foreign aid to certain countries that are marginal allies at best if not adversaries. Re-appropriate these monies for domestic use.

(17) Support efforts to expand the military “footprint” at bases in the region to include but not limited to WPAFB and the Springfield Air National Guard base.

Big Government stifles creativity, personal drive, entrepreneurialism and independence and is contrary to the ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers 200+ years ago. Government must decrease so we the people can increase. Business will respond if government can demonstrate self-restraint and pursue pro-economic growth strategies. Targeted incentives and enabling lower levels of government to partner with business will achieve better results than the continued one-size fits all “Big Government” Obama-Clinton plan.