1. KFW On the U.S. Constitution 17 FEB 2016

    Good morning! I have read the entire Constitution from time to time throughout my life and I am one of a handful of persons running that has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. I do not take this oath lightly and I look forward to taking this oath again in the service of citizens residing in Ohio's 8th Congressional District.   My platform is built on a…Read More


    1.) Preble County Lincoln Day Dinner Tonight 12 Feb 2016 6:00 P.M. @ Hueston Woods Lodge tickets required $45.00/person. 2.) Darke County Meet the Candidates Day Saturday 13 Feb 2016 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. @ Brethren Retirement Community 750 Chestnut St. Greenville, OH. Lunch cost $10.00. 3.) Preble County Liberty Group Meet the Candidate Night Tuesday 16 Feb 2016 6:00 P.M. @ Christ Commission …Read More


    CONTACT:   OHIO VETERANS UNITED (330-518-3463) OHIO VETERANS UNITED ENDORSES KEVIN F. WHITE FOR CONGRESS, DISTRICT 8-OH NEW CARLISLE, OH – Oct 12, 2015 – Ohio Veterans United today announced the endorsement of KEVIN F. WHITE for Congress – Ohio District 8. The announcement was made by Col. Thomas Moe, honorary chair and founding member of Ohio Veterans United. KEVIN WHITE is a 26-year Air …Read More

  4. Candidates George, White & Winteregg Release a Joint Statement Regarding Outside Money 7 March 2016

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE scott.george@georgeforcongress.com,  jd@jdwinteregg.com www.kevinwhiteforcongress.com // kevinwhiteforcongress@gmail.com Candidates George, White, and Winteregg Release a Joint Statement Regarding Outside Money March 7th, 2016 (Troy, OH) Outsider groups have spent over $1.5 million in the race to replace John Boehner. In what looks to be the most hotly contested Congressi…Read More

  5. 1 FEB 2016 Veterans Health Care: A proposal for Reform by Kevin F. White, Lt. Col USAF (Ret.) Candidate U.S. Congress OH-D8

    “As the Vietnam generation passes on, the size of the veteran population will shrink considerably. In 2009, there were 24 million U.S. veterans; by 2029 the VA expects that population to shrink to 16 million.”[1]Future wars and combat actions could obviously impact the numbers estimated by VA but the reality is our veteran population will decline going forward. “Despite a $91 billion cumulat…Read More

  6. Meet the Kevin White tomorrow in Greenville at Village Green Health Campus 2-3 P.M.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lt. Col Kevin F. White, Candidate U.S. Congress Ohio District 8 is coming to Greenville's own Village Green Health Campus for a "Town Hall-style" open forum tomorrow Wednesday 2 March 2016 from 2:00-3:00 p.m.   The colonel, a combat veteran of two branches of military service, will take your questions and speak on topics ranging from: taxes & budget, defense & natio…Read More

  7. 24 OCT 2015: Kevin F. White (R), candidate for the 8th OH congressional district chimes in on OH-ISSUE 2. (OPINION)

    24 OCT 2015: Kevin F. White (R), candidate for the 8th OH congressional district chimes in on OH-ISSUE 2. (OPINION) Folks, I recently authored an opinion on Ohio issue 3 wherein I made the following remarks… “Lastly as far as “OH ISSUE 2” is concerned I completely understand the legislature’s concerns that motivated its authorship; namely that it most probably would operationally stop im…Read More

  8. K.F. WHITE on Federal Taxes & Spending (OPINION)

    BULLETIN:  FOR THE PRESS- IMMEDIATE RELEASE 16 OCT 2015:  Kevin F. White (R), candidate for the 8th OH congressional district chimes in on FEDERAL TAXES & SPENDING (OPINION) Folks, today the “Final Monthly Treasury Statement through 30 Sept 2015” reveals all-time record high receipts of 3.25 TRILLION dollars to date! Yet that is not enough. The federal government has a spending problem, …Read More

  9. OH-Issue 3

    15 OCT 2015: Kevin F. White (R), candidate for the 8th OH congressional district chimes in on OH-ISSUE 3. (OPINION)   Folks, “OH-ISSUE 3” is a real bad deal for our state. As a citizen of Ohio I am compelled to speak out strongly AGAINST this ballot initiative. I have never used marijuana so I cannot identify with seekers of recreation assisted by the effects of “POT”. That being said I d…Read More

  10. Kevin F. White announces intent to run for OH-D8

    “Of the People, by the People and for the People”….New Carlisle, Ohio’s own Kevin F. White launches “Grass Roots” campaign for Ohio’s 8th Congressional district.   White, a 1987 U.S. Naval Academy graduate, completed a distinguished 26 year Air Force Reserve career retiring from his position as a tactical C-130 pilot in July 2013. White saying, “the country I love has afforded man…Read More