“PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH” starts with American leadership at the helm. As the only combat veteran in this race, I have a keen in-depth knowledge of our country’s strategic and tactical operations in our on-going fight in the Global War on Terrorism. Members of Congress need experience and knowledge in foreign policy, national defense and homeland security. I believe my credentials in this area far and away exceed that of other candidates for this office. My comprehensive plan to safeguard America and win the Global War on Terror can be found here an abbreviated summary is as follows:


1.) Re-affirm support for Israel our most important & real ally in the Middle East.


2.) Name the Threat: Radical Islam. Preoccupation with “political correctness” is crippling our ability to fight global terrorism. Any terror threat no-matter the name or brand is our enemy-PERIOD. Our enemies must know we will bear any price, endure any burden to ensure our liberty, safety and freedom the world over.


3.) Secure the nation’s borders: walls, fences, electronic systems, drones, border patrols etc. – every technological and human asset should be deployed smartly to ensure effective border security. Persons coming in or out of the United States must be properly vetted-NO EXCEPTIONS.


4.) Reduce our national debt, strengthen our economy: PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH depends on a strong American economy & well-funded military.


5.) Restore military readiness: re-form procurement processes. Enhance intelligence gathering. Support the war-fighter and guard against political correctness.


6.) Fortify our nation’s infrastructure: the electrical transmission grid system is vulnerable and outdated. You cannot engage in commerce almost anywhere without electricity. This is a sleeper threat to our nation’s security.


7.) Cyber-security: partner with the private sector to better protect American industry, consumers and financial transactions/banks-centers of monetary exchange from cyber-attacks.


8.) Rescind the Obama-Iran nuclear deal: This policy further destabilizes the region and makes the free world less safe.


9.) Pass a National Right to Carry Law: Law abiding citizens are often the nation’s first line of defense against wanton violence and terrorism.


10.) Re-stabilize Iraq: Increase bombing of any and all targets of opportunity with relentless frequency and ferocity. Partner with verifiable loyal-to- America indigenous forces (some specific Kurd-Iraqi factions etc.) to prosecute a ground campaign to re-take the country, re-establish its borders and eradicate the ISIL/ISIS threat from within Iraq. I estimate the minimum number of American ground troops necessary to be at least 10,000. Consultation with the Pentagon of course is most appropriate as they already have a plan ready to go. A Diplomatic/political solution will follow after the military re-takes the land- more on that later.


11.) SYRIA QUANDRY: The chief outcomes to avoid are: a proxy war with Russia/Putin, expansion of ISIL/ISIS to other weak and/or failing states in the region, a Holy War declaration by all of Islam on America and/or the West/non-Islamic countries. There are few good options, however I advocate the following:

-Establish NO-FLY ZONES

-Work with Turkey on common interests in the conflict.

– Communicate and de-conflict American military campaigns- air or ground from Russian military engagement.

-Fortify existing refugee camps.

-Continue to arm “rebel forces”.

-Execute airstrikes and Special Forces campaigns against any target of opportunity in Syria that poses risks to security in the region as necessary. This means attacking ISIS/ISIL, Al-QAEDA or any other                      terrorist cell/threat we deem appropriate.

-I do not support deployment at this time of any large contingent of American ground fighting forces.


12.) Restrict the flow of money– to entities & countries that sympathize with known or suspected terrorist groups. Cut foreign aid significantly by perhaps 35%.


13.) Diplomatic/Political Efforts: Military operations can only stabilize the regions discussed in this paper. Long term stability and peace depends on political solutions that rest with the stakeholders in the region. As far as Syria is concerned it is unsavory but Russia will be a necessary player in finding any peaceable end to hostilities in that broken state.


CLOSING STATEMENT: The culture of “Radical Islam” is not accepting of western ideas nor is it compatible with American values promoting self-determination, freedom of expression/religion and representative government to name just a few. Peace comes through strength- American strength. As the world’s only superpower America must lead. There will be mistakes and as in any leadership position we fully expect criticism from many and praise from few. Americans understand the price of freedom is high but we have stated it is a price we are willing to pay. The world must know our strength comes not from only military might but from our national treasure of diverse people- that all lives matter- that Americans will lead and not faint and that we, for all our faults, will continue to move the bar forward for all people that seek and love freedom. [4]