“Of the People, By the People & For the People”

Kevin F. White for Congress OH-Dist. 8: THE PLATFORM

1.) Taxes & Budget-The 3-YR Plan: Across the board cuts in federal spending by 1% (approx.. 36B dollars), freeze expenditures for successive 2 years, reduce tax brackets from 7-4, cut personal income tax rates, cut corporate income tax rates, expand the tax base, cap schedule “A” deductions to 30K, simplify the tax code and abolish AMT. During this three year time frame contemplate additional major tax reform initiatives such as “Fair Tax” & other proposals.

2.) DEFENSE & NATIONAL SECURITY: Support a strong foreign policy that trumpets “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH” with American leadership at the helm. Re-affirm America’s support for Israel, stabilize the Iraq theatre with American & coalition ground forces, target & coordinate efforts to destroy terror cells in Syria/elsewhere, establish & enforce “No-Fly Zones”, fortify refugee camps in the region, facilitate political & diplomatic solutions with stakeholders, fund military readiness & support the troops.

3.) Secure our Nation’s Borders: Border security is an enumerated responsibility of the federal government as a subset to “provide for the common defense”. Walls, fences, electronic systems, drones, border patrols etc. – every technological and human asset should be deployed smartly to ensure effective border security. We must only facilitate legal entry and exit of persons that can be properly vetted.

4.) Support a “Balanced Budget Amendment”: to the U.S. Constitution- requiring the federal government to operate under the limits of a balanced budget.

5.) Repeal Obama Care aka as the “Affordable Care Act”: Repeal first while simultaneously pursuing cost-cutting reforms. We do not, as a party, have the luxury of unlimited time to wait for repeal to happen all the while ignoring the high cost of this mis-guided law. The issue must be attacked on both fronts.

6.) Second Amendment: Support laws that protect and enhance American’s rights to bear arms for sport and self-defense to include a “national right to carry law”. Marksmanship and being able to defend yourself, in some ways, could be more important in 2015 than in 1815.

7.) The Right to Life: Support the rights of all persons to pursue life, liberty and happiness INCLUDING THE UNBORN and most vulnerable members of our society. I believe the Almighty by His sovereign hand ALONE determines when a life is created and also when a life shall end.

8.) Free & Fair Trade: Support the rights of all Americans to pursue the American dream unfettered by bias or discrimination; that the sum of their efforts be judged by merited performance in the free enterprise system. International trade agreements that ensure fair trade and hold bad-actor countries accountable when agreements are abrogated must be enforced or terminated. (http://www.kevinwhiteforcongress.com/current-events/letter-of-consideration-kevin-f-white-candidate-u-s-congress-oh-8-butler-county-republican-gop-endorsement-rqst/)

9.) Public Education: The U.S. Constitution leaves the responsibility for public K-12 education with the states. We over-test and under-educate our students-“Common Core” is a failure. Return funding (no strings attached) to states; decentralize public education. Empower local school boards & communities to compete and win. Drive performance based results wherever possible. Reduce the ranks of administrators- use the savings to raise the pay of and hire more teachers. Focus on mastery of core-knowledge subjects. Facilitate more school choice: educate and enrich the “whole person”. Expand skill-trade education programs. (http://www.kevinwhiteforcongress.com/current-events/public-education-by-kevin-f-white-candidate-u-s-congress-ohio-district-82-jan-2016/)

10.) Jobs & the American Worker: Government’s chief purpose is not job creation. The private sector creates jobs and government policy can only impact (positively or negatively) private sector job creation. There is little to no systemic discipline in government that can drive efficiencies that compares favorably to how the free market rewards and penalizes risk-takers. I oppose laws that seek to increase the numbers of un-skilled foreign workers coming into our country. We must pursue welfare reform, reward investment in American companies, develop domestic energy, cut foreign aid (2016 is estimated at 36 billion dollars) to include stop sending foreign aid to certain countries that are marginal allies at best if not adversaries. Re-appropriate these monies for domestic use. Hire American; buy American. (http://www.kevinwhiteforcongress.com/current-events/what-would-you-do-to-create-more-jobs-and-boost-the-economy-in-southwest-ohio/)

Big Problems require Bold leadership: I have the right combination of skills to do this job better than anyone else. I bring a strong blend of experience in: government, business & management, national security, defense & military, community and labor. But most importantly, I am a proven leader with a well-rounded background. I make decisions based on principle. If you like the state of your Congress then vote for an establishment candidate; they’re everywhere! Last question: “Who would you follow into harm’s way, a politician or the Colonel? On 15 March 2016 Vote for Life, Liberty & Freedom…Vote Kevin F. White U.S. Congress Ohio district 8. Thanks for listening and have a blessed day.