Kevin F. White

Vote Kevin F. White For Ohio District 8

Volunteer & Jointhe People For Kevin F. White!
Contribute & Jointhe People For Kevin F. White!

Washington may not, but Kevin understands that every dollar counts. Contribute to the People for Kevin F. White campaign so he can bring this understanding to Congress!

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Vote Kevin F. White

For Ohio's 8th Congressional District

White, a 1987 U.S. Naval Academy graduate, completed a distinguished 26 year Air Force Reserve career retiring from his position as a tactical C-130 pilot in July 2013. White saying, “the country I love has afforded many opportunities to serve and lead for the greater good-- for that I am humbly grateful; now as a citizen I have decided to directly compete for a chance to represent Ohio’s 8th district in Congress.” The time is right for White!

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Vote Kevin F. White For Ohio’s 8th Congressional District


THE MISSION: to reverse the power grab of Washington and return power to the people. I am presenting myself to my fellow citizens living in the 8th district for this purpose: to be their voice in Congress, to lead and act on principles that represent the values of Ohio and to help return power and accountability to lower levels of government where local officials know their people and communities best. Enough is enough!